5 April 2022

Tom Triscari Appointed Head of Corporate Development and Interim CFO

Dear Shareholder,

Adslot today announced that US-based non-executive director Tom Triscari has joined the Adslot executive team as Head of Corporate Development and Interim CFO.

As Head of Corporate Development, Tom will help drive partnership and corporate discussions in the US and European markets, and support recently-appointed East Wind Advisors in New York with their initiatives on behalf of the Company.

The Company also announced that CFO and Company Secretary Felicity Conlan will be departing the business under a managed transition to pursue board directorships and non-executive roles.  Felicity will be reducing her hours to part-time over the next six months, as she transitions the CFO role to Tom as interim CFO.

Felicity will also resign as Company Secretary on 20 April 2022, at which time Mark Lucciardo from Mertons Corporate Services will be appointed Company Secretary.

The Board has been keen to involve Tom in an executive role for some time, and very excited that Tom is equally keen to get “hands on” in the business at this critical stage.

Tom is a highly experienced senior adtech executive, who holds a B.A. (Economics) from UCLA, and an MBA (Hons. Finance/Entrepreneurship) from the University of Notre Dame.  He also authors a hugely popular programmatic industry newsletter called Quo Vadis, which you can read or subscribe to here.

Further details regarding the details of Tom’s appointment can be found in todays’s ASX release available here.

Kind regards,

Andrew Barlow
Executive Chairman


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