1. What is Adslot's commission?

    Our commission on the sale of all advertisements on the Adslot Platform is the Adslot Amount. The Adslot Amount is the percentage of the listed price of the advertisements indicated in your Adslot account, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  2. How will Adslot credit my Account?

    Generally, we will credit Your Account with the sale price for each of Your advertisements sold less Our commission within 45 days of the Successful Completion of an advertising Campaign.

    For longer advertising Campaigns (that is, Campaigns which are two months or longer), We may, at our sole discretion, credit Your Account with periodic instalments of the sale price for the advertisements sold less Our commission, with the final instalment credited within 45 days of a Successful Completion of a Campaign.

    In the event that partial instalments in respect of a Campaign have been credited to Your Account but the Campaign is not Successfully Completed:

    1. (a) any further instalments payable to You will be reduced by the amount of any refund payable to the Advertiser in respect of that Campaign and, in the event the refund exceeds any further instalments payable to You, the balance of the refund will be debited from Your Account; and
    2. (b) Our commission remains payable in full.
  3. When and how am I paid?

    You may request, no more than once per calendar month, that the balance in Your Account be paid to You. You may only validly make this request if you have a minimum balance in Your Account. The minimum balance is currently AUD$500.

    Upon receipt of a valid request for payment, We will pay You the balance of Your Account. All payments will be via electronic transfer to Your bank account.

    We may notify You from time to time of a change to the applicable minimum balance and any such change will be effective immediately upon Us notifying You of the change. We may notify You of such change on this website. Your continued use of the Adslot Platform following the notification will represent an agreement by You to be bound by the changed minimum balance.

  4. How do I invoice Adslot?

    You will use the Platform to generate an invoice from You to Adslot for you inventory.

    If, at any time, Your Account is in deficit (such as through refunds being debited), We may invoice You at any time for the amount that Your Account is in deficit.

  5. Can I request payment of all monies in my Account upon termination?

    Yes, upon termination of Our agreement with You, We will pay You the entire balance of Your Account within 30 days of a request from You to do so.

  6. Definitions

    In this Payment Policy, 'We', 'Us', 'Our' means Adslot Limited and 'You', 'Yourself', 'Your' means you, a Publisher, on the Adslot Platform.

    Unless the context otherwise requires, terms used in this Payment Policy and defined in the Terms and Conditions (Website Publishers) have the same meaning.