8 August 2019

Why the FT’s Global Head of Programmatic loves Adslot

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It’s been a while since my last update (due to constant overseas travel), but wanted to share some publicly available links over the next few days which I think you’ll find relevant.

In today’s update: the Global Head of Programmatic at the Financial Times (FT), Jessica Barrett, has spoken glowingly about her experience with Adslot on a highly-regarded industry Podcast.

This has been going really successfully, not just for the additional revenue, but it’s the first product I’ve ever worked on in 10 years of ad operations where everybody is happy.

For those of you who don’t have time to listen, some of Jessica’s other key comments:

  • Automation [of direct orders] has been a really big focus at the FT this year
  • The FT found that 55% of direct orders booked in 2018 were under £10,000
  • The FT has adopted Adslot to automate smaller direct orders so they can free up time & resources and eliminate back-end inefficiencies – and really focus on key accounts
  • The FT have found that not only has it achieved all those outcomes, but it has surprisingly created an additional revenue stream for FT
  • Also discussion of how Adslot has now been rolled out to the wider team globally, and how quickly FT has started to see trading on the Adslot platform out of other markets such as Asia
The relevant section starts at 36’05”, and runs for about 11’30” if you have the time on the link below:
The Podcast is also available on:


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