27 November 2019

Adslot Signs MSA With Havas Media Group

Dear Shareholder,

Adslot announced this morning the signing of its second Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) with another of the world’s largest media agency holding companies: Havas Media Group.

Havas employs over 20,000 people in over 100 countries, and is recognised globally as one of the best-in-class programmatic media buyers in the industry.

Havas have been looking for a premium guaranteed direct buying platform for some time, and following discussions starting in June, and commercial negotiations commencing shortly thereafter, we have finally landed on a great deal for both parties.

We expect to see initial trades in the next few months, and expect those to steadily increase over time as we identify more and more specific use cases to suit Havas‘ clients.

This deal represents a key strategic milestone in driving future growth and enabling activation of significant sources of demand in the US market.

Kind regards,

Andrew Barlow
Founder & Executive Chairman


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