28 November 2019

Adslot Partners with Oracle Data Cloud

Dear Shareholder,

I’m pleased to report that overnight, Adslot executed another important data partnership agreement with Oracle Data Cloud.

As Ben mentioned in his CEO Presentation at the AGM last week, we are continuing to pursue data partnerships with major Data Management Platforms (DMPs) across the US, in order to improve the speed of onboarding advertiser data and drive faster adoption of Adslot Media by more advertisers.

Oracle Data Cloud is one of the largest and most trusted DMPs in the US market, and this partnership is a significant step forward in expanding Adslot’s data integration and audience targeting capabilities for US advertisers.  The data sharing arrangement gives us a vastly expanded footprint and more complete data coverage in the US market.The Company continues to engage in discussions with other prominent DMPs.

Kind regards,

Andrew Barlow
Founder & Executive Chairman


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