11 April 2022

Adslot announces $3.8M capital raising

Dear Shareholder,

Adslot today announced a $3.8M capital raising consisting of:
  • $1.8M Placement to new and existing institutional and sophisticated investors; and,
  • a further $2.0M Entitlement Offer to all existing shareholders (1-for-17 pro rata, non-renounceable).

All existing shareholders as at the Record Date (see Offer Details) will be eligible to participate in the Entitlement Offer.

The $2.0M Entitlement Offer is fully underwritten by Venturian Pty Ltd (an entity controlled by me), with strong sub-underwriting support from all my fellow shareholder directors.  We did this not only because we believe in the business, but:

  • to provide comfort to the Company and Shareholders that the Company will secure the desired funds; and,
  • allow the Entitlement Offer to proceed, allowing all shareholders to participate pari-passu.

No directors or their related entities will receive any underwriting fees.

Funds raised from the capital raising will be used to ensure stability while the Company completes its strategic review, and also to continue development of increased trading fees via Adslot Media in the US market.

More details can be found regarding the capital raising, including the Placement and Entitlement Offer, by clicking here.

I welcome and encourage all shareholders to consider participating in the Entitlement Offer.

Kind regards,

Andrew Barlow
Executive Chairman


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