13 June 2019

Adslot Delivers 467% Increase In ROI For Customer

Dear Shareholder,

A brief email to draw your attention to a news article published today on a leading industry MarTech news site:

Title: Can Programmatic-Guaranteed Adtech Platforms Deliver 400%+ Increase in ROI?

The article discusses a recent Adslot case study (included in recent Investor workshops).  Key take-outs are that Adslot Media delivered:
  • 467% increase in ROI via PG (Programmatic Guaranteed) for leading digital agency Greenlight vs its PMP (Private Market Place) campaigns;
  • 57% decrease in cost per actions (CPAs) from its PMP campaigns;
  • 79% decrease in eCPMS (effective Cost per Mille) when compared to its PMP campaigns; and,
  • 60% reduction in time spent on operational tasks.

An excellent case study and good industry media coverage for the Company.


Kind regards,

Andrew Barlow
Founder & Executive Chairman


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