Adslot unveils whitepaper on maximising programmatic

Tue, July 09, 2019

Adslot unveils whitepaper on maximising programmatic Adslot

Tue, July 09, 2019

Advertising has seen a substantial shift as digital ad spend is set to exceed traditional this year. Further, reports estimate that 65% of global digital media spend will be traded programmatically and that number jumps to almost 88% for of all US digital display ad dollars. As programmatic takes the helm as the preferred trading method, knowing how to extract real value from the different buy types (i.e. Open Market, PMP, Preferred Deals, and Guaranteed Deals) has now become table stakes.

A recent report, ‘The hide and seek of programmatic; deciphering the hidden costs and true value of performance media’, produced by The Drum in association with the independent PG/ AG solution provider Adslot, dissects the different digital media buy types available, to find the hidden value and risks of each, helping marketers gain true value from their programmatic campaigns.

The report identifies three (3) primary concerns of marketers when transacting programmatically, which are; brand safety, transparency, and hidden tech fees. The report addressed each of these concerns and shares how best to navigate them across the different buy types. It starts by better understanding when and where to transact based on campaign goals, from there, marketers can build smarter strategies that focus on creating value rather than simply being stuck on cost.

The report asserts that programmatic buying is not synonymous with Real Time Bidding and does not need to be a “race to the bottom” as some have implied. Rather, there have been significant advancements that allow marketers to have a wide range of opportunities including running premium, safe, and transparent campaigns for top-of-funnel brand campaigns.

As the digital media landscape grows to fit the needs of the market and keep pace with technological advancements, the strategies of how to buy within that landscape shift with it, altering strategies and providing unique opportunities.

The report offers practical advice as well as valuable case studies from marketers who have benefitted from adopting a more informed programmatic strategy. To ensure you’re providing real value to your business, clients, and consumers, download the report now.


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