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We bring buyers & sellers together to trade premium digital media at scale.

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"Automated Guaranteed allows our clients to reserve our premium inventory whilst removing inefficiencies that direct sales often bring. The integration with the Adslot platform has been slick and their customer service is great on both buy and sell sides.”

Hearst Digital Media

The global digital media industry is a $55 billion market and it's growing fast. Over 85% is invested in premium display advertising.

Adslot builds the technology that enables the premium inventory sector to continue to scale efficiently. We do this through a relentless commitment to problem-solving and innovation, to openness and collaboration. We believe the industry’s challenges are best tackled together, not alone.

This approach is illustrated in the technology we build, the partners we integrate with and the close relationships we foster with our clients. We're solving today’s problems with tomorrow's thinking.

We're solving problems, globally.

The global digital premium display market has no single, recognisable, scalable platform for buying and selling. The current process is manual, highly iterative, slow and expensive.

To solve this problem, Adslot has developed the world's first solution providing end-to-end automation of this process.

We build technology that users love to work with, that enhances their decision-making ability, the quality of their output and ultimately the value they extract from every single working day.

We bring buyers and sellers together to create new marketplaces and trading opportunities. We achieve this through collaboration with other leading industry players - all partners on the same journey.

"Working with Adslot has enabled us to collaborate directly with advertisers by removing unnecessary intermediaries from the process while allowing us to keep full control."

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