About Adslot

Adslot’s global trading platform for guaranteed display inventory redresses the structural disconnect between massive industry inefficiencies and the almost limitless amount of unsold inventory.

Ian Lowe, CEO Adslot

Adslot’s leading Automated Guaranteed platform is a purpose built media trading solution to meet the needs of buyers and sellers of premium display advertising.  Adslot benefits publishers, agencies and advertisers alike by providing structural efficiencies in the way premium display media is traded. Publishers realize significant reductions in the cost of fulfilment, freeing their sales teams to dedicate more time to building relationships and generating new revenue streams.  Media buyers and advertisers benefit from real time access to, and purchase of, guaranteed inventory across multiple publishers, including advanced planning capabilities.

Adslot is a global organization with operations in Australia, the US and the UK, headquartered in Melbourne.  More than $100m has been transacted via Adslot technology, publisher clients include MailOnline, NPR, eBay Australia, XO Group, Babycentre, Star Tribune, Backstage, Wotif, Carsales, The REA Group and hundreds more.